Capital public radio storybus

I worked with Capital Public Radio, the local NPR affiliate, to produce an interactive and mobile documentary studio called StoryBus. It was designed for maximum flex space to accommodate community engagement workshops, interview filmmaking, documentary production. I led the team which designed the bus unit itself, while two other teams developed the community engagement program and interactive units. The project is currently in the fundraising phase, planned to be fully constructed and implemented by summer 2018.

Bus unit

The bus unit was designed for 3 purposes: 1. to serve as the centerpiece and visual icon of the "Pop-Up Public" community engagement program, 2. to be a fully equipped and functioning mobile video production unit with space for both filming interviews and editing, 3. to store and transport all the equipment needed for all facets of the "Pop-Up Public" community engagement program.

interactive elements

The interactive elements were designed to embrace the people interacting with "Pop-Up Public", and generate stories around the issues vital to the community. The poster for the interactive elements can be found here.

Community engagement program

We designed an entire community engagement program and process to ensure that "Pop-Up Public" was honest, relevant, and inclusive of the communities it was entering. The poster for community engagement program can be found here.