Deck Designs

Below are a selection of decks I have created for various projects and presentations. 

Programs: Adobe Illustrator, InDesign, Photoshop; Keynote


If walls could talk

This presentation was created to pitch to the City of Davis an expanded projection mapping project. It outlines the process of creating the first installation on the Dresbach-Hunt-Boyer Mansion, and the effectiveness of the project when on display for the public.


UC Davis universally designed map

This presentation was created to present our tactile map project at the University of California Office of the President meeting in June 2018. I presented the project to the directors of each Student Disability Center on all University of California campuses, as well as representatives from the University of California Office of the President.


This presentation was created as a pitch to SOFA Chicago for entry into its CONNECT competition for university design teams. When this pitch was approved, we received funding and entry into the competition.